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Why Uber and Lyft Want to Create Walled Gardens–and Why It’s Bad for Urban Mobility

As ride-hailing apps begin to control scooters and bike shares, they’re making it harder for people to make the best decisions about how to move around their cities If you’re not a techie, you may not have come across the term “walled garden” before. But it’s a critical concept these days in technology business strategy–and it […]

Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models

Uber launches US subscription service in five cities

Taxi-hailing firm Uber has launched a membership scheme dubbed Ride Pass, for passengers in five US cities. The deal allows passengers to avoid price surging, when costs rise at rush hour and other in-demand times. The fixed-fare plan costs $24.99 (£19) a month in Los Angeles and $14.99 in Austin, Denver, Miami, and Orlando. Uber […]

Trump threatens to withhold California fire aid, citing state’s ‘gross mismanagement’ of forests

China’s ByteDance leapfrogs Uber to becomes world’s most valuable startup

That’s according to reports from Forbes and Bloomberg both of which claim that the company has completed a $3 billion investment that values the company at $75 billion. A source with knowledge of the deal confirmed the round to TechCrunch and suggested that the value is pre-money, which, adding the round, would put ByteDance’s valuation at $78 billion. That’s […]

Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models

Uber’s Massive Data Play

Its vision to become ‘Amazon for transportation’ sounds a lot like establishing a monopoly After replacing Travis Kalanick in August 2017, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is shifting the company’s focus. Though the company has always sought to become a world-class transportation platform, it has recently begun to describe itself as “Amazon for transportation” — an ambition which indicates […]

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Toyota invests $500 million in Uber

Toyota just placed a big bet on autonomous vehicles. The automaker announced on Monday that it is investing $500 million in Uber and working more closely with the company to accelerate the development and deployment of self-driving vehicles. Uber plans to retrofit Toyota Sienna minivans with its autonomous technology and begin real-world testing in 2021. […]

Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models

Secret Plots, Google Bans, and Augur Assassination Markets

Price Watch: Bitcoin increased nearly 9% this week after a non-trivial gain of 18% last week. The price was all over the place this week, increasing by nearly 5% overnight to the $7,700 level. Other coins, including the recently launched Augur, suffered as bitcoin’s price continued to rise. The prices further rose on Tuesday to nearly $8,300 as altcoins continued to […]

Sexual Assault Survivor Uses Crypto to Crowdfund Anonymously

Uber executive Liane Hornsey resigns following discrimination probe

The resignation comes after an investigation into accusations from anonymous whistleblowers that Liane Hornsey, head of Uber’s human resources department and one of the firm’s top spokespeople on diversity and discrimination issues, had systematically dismissed internal complaints of racial discrimination. They alleged Hornsey had used discriminatory language and made derogatory comments about Uber Global Head […]

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Uber Develops Harvard-Inspired ‘University’ To Fix Its Culture

The idea of a corporate university isn’t new. Apple’s Steve Jobs famously set up Apple University to teach company lore and indoctrinate employees in the company’s quirky ethos. McDonald’s Hamburger University teaches restaurant management skills and already has over 275,000 graduates. But few, if any, startups have done it as quickly or with as much […]

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