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Pesticide Contamination Is a Growing Cannabis Safety Concern

Marijuana’s continuing status as illegal under federal law makes the job of regulating it for consumer safety much harder. Pesticides and herbicides have been in the news recently, with the publication of a new JAMA Internal Medicine study, which suggests that people may be able to lower their overall risk of developing cancer by more frequently […]

Stop Viewing Work as ‘Trading Time for Money’

With an Increase in Venture Capital Mega Deals, How Can Startups Stand Out?

While a great idea or product may put your emerging growth company in the running, breaking away from the crowd does take a significant amount of homework. According to Crunchbase, July 2018 “set a record for the number of nine-figure rounds raise worldwide.” There were 55 rounds accounting for around $15 billion in venture capital deal […]

Stop Viewing Work as ‘Trading Time for Money’

The 7 Best Ways to Find Hourly Workers For Your Business

Hiring hourly workers is a very different process than hiring white-collar workers. Entrepreneurs and business owners are in a war for hourly workers. Hourly workers are a major driver of the economy in the United States. Seventy-eight million people, or 59 percent of the workforce, are hourly workers. However, hiring hourly workers is challenging. Hourly workers […]

Stop Viewing Work as ‘Trading Time for Money’

What Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues Taught Me About Leading a Company — and 6 Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Practice

    Franklin’s ideas provide a powerful blueprint for building a successful gaming company — or any kind of initiative. Benjamin Franklin is a role model for anyone building a gaming company. He was brilliant. A live mind. Creative. Consider his magic square, one of the original American games. It’s a Sudoku master’s dream — and […]

Stop Viewing Work as ‘Trading Time for Money’

The Most Experienced Guy In Cannabis Has a Warning for You

Investor and business owner Steve DeAngelo says there’s plenty of opportunity in cannabis — but there are also a lot of entrepreneurs about to lose their money. With his hippie pigtails and smart suits, Steve DeAngelo perfectly embodies the split in today’s cannabis industry. He’s an old-school activist and advocate who joined the cannabis reform movement […]

Stop Viewing Work as ‘Trading Time for Money’