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Ethereum Sets Tentative January Goal for Next Blockchain Upgrade

Developers are eyeing January 16th as the date on which Constantinople, ethereum’s upcoming network hard fork, could launch. The upgrade for the world’s second-largest blockchain was originally targeted for November, bringing with it a host of design changes aimed at streamlining the platform’s code in a bid to boost performance. Yet the November launch window was […]
6:15 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

IBM, Seagate Team Up to Tackle Hard Drive Fakes With Blockchain

Global tech giant IBM is partnering with hardware manufacturer Seagate to ensure that computer hard drives are authentic using blockchain tech. The companies announced Tuesday that they would be logging Seagate-produced drives on the IBM Blockchain Platform to block counterfeits from being utilized in data servers or otherwise distributed to end users expecting genuine products. […]
3:54 PM GMT+0000 / November 8, 2018

Weird and Non-Trivial Ways of Using Blockchain

By Vladimir Potapenko The blockchain has been around for a decade now, and today, few would deny that it’s a groundbreaking invention. When it first emerged, it was the underlying technology that powered Bitcoin, but since then it has evolved to become so much more. From its early beginnings as a fringe technology, the blockchain is now […]
9:36 AM GMT+0000 / November 7, 2018

Thailand’s Tax Authority Taps Blockchain to Fight Tax Evasion

In its fight against tax evasion Thailand’s tax collection agency will turn to blockchain technology among other measures to fight the vice. According to the director-general of the Revenue Department, Ekniti Nitithanprapas, the government agency will employ blockchain technology in verifying whether owed taxes were paid in the correct amounts. Per the Bangkok Post, distributed ledger technology […]
5:37 PM GMT+0000 / November 6, 2018

Bank of America Has the Most Blockchain Patents, But Is It Actually Going to Use Them?

On October 30, Bank of America (BofA) added yet another cryptocurrency-related patent to its collection of more than 50 applications filed within the same field. The second-largest bank in the US has been leading in the informal blockchain patent race, sidestepping such players as IBM and Alibaba. However, that does not mean that BofA is being bullish — the company has […]
3:57 PM GMT+0000 / November 5, 2018

Using Blockchain For Social Change: A Conversation with TRON’s Justin Sun

For as much as blockchain has soaked up headlines over the past two years, the sector has yet to break through to the mainstream consciousness. Much of it has to do with the fragmentation of the sector in general, with different coins and blockchains delivering their own benefits and featuring their own respective communities. However, the […]
11:58 AM GMT+0000 / November 4, 2018

Hong Kong Exchange Prepares for Blockchain Trading Platform

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has joined forces with Digital Asset to develop a blockchain platform for post-trade allocation and processing of trades. This alliance was created under the Stock Connect programme with China, based on a FinExtra report. HKEX had been working on a prototype system for Stock Connect using Digital Asset’s platform […]
6:52 PM GMT+0000 / November 3, 2018