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Oregon Combines Energy Production with Honey

It’s rare that we write about solar farms without somebody complaining about the loss of agricultural land or natural habitat. But a growing number of solar installations are seeking to combine energy production with natural ecosystem enhancement and/or food production. Now Fast Company has a cool profile of Eagle Point ‘solar apiary’ in Oregon, which […]
4:33 AM GMT+0000 / September 7, 2018

Electric Busses; Avoiding the Need of Oil

The global fleet of electric buses is already helping cities avoiding the purchase of 279,000 barrels of oil per day, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Diesel buses consume an extraordinary amount of fuel compared to a passenger vehicle. Bloomberg noted that “For every 1,000 battery-powered buses on the road, about 500 barrels a day of […]
1:28 PM GMT+0000 / August 27, 2018

Toyota’s Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Truck Project Moves Forward

In 2017, we took a look at Project Portal, Toyota’s plan to test a heavy-duty, zero-emissions truck at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in California. The idea was to power an 80,000lb (36,288kg) Class-8 tractor-trailer with hydrogen fuel cells and then put it to work hauling shipping containers at one of the nation’s […]
1:13 PM GMT+0000 / August 26, 2018