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Pesticide Contamination Is a Growing Cannabis Safety Concern

Marijuana’s continuing status as illegal under federal law makes the job of regulating it for consumer safety much harder. Pesticides and herbicides have been in the news recently, with the publication of a new JAMA Internal Medicine study, which suggests that people may be able to lower their overall risk of developing cancer by more frequently […]
7:42 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

Can a ‘Heartstrings’ Approach Help Make Marijuana More Acceptable to Voters?

Legalize It, a new documentary about medical marijuana, makes no secret about its position on the plant. The film begins with the stark question: Would you break the law to save a life? The documentary, by the producers of (Shark Tank-styled) The Marijuana Show on Amazon Prime, then answers that question with a cavalcade of heartbreaking stories that make a compelling […]
7:48 PM GMT+0000 / September 12, 2018

6 Simple Digital Marketing Strategies to Jumpstart Your Marijuana Business

If you’ve entered the marijuana arena in recent years, you understand how much of a priority digital marketing needs to be in your growth strategy. Whether you choose to pay for exposure through advertising or organically grow your social channels, here are some tips to get you on the right track. 1. Connect with influencers  […]
5:29 PM GMT+0000 / June 27, 2018

What Canada’s Legalization of Marijuana Means to the US, Eh

Last week Canada announced a landmark decision in the history of legal cannabis when the Senate put the final stamp of approval on the law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana all across the country. This will make the Canucks the first G7 nation, and the second country in the world, to legalize recreational cannabis […]
6:21 PM GMT+0000 / June 26, 2018

A PotNetwork Exclusive with MCIG and its moves in the Cannabis Space

mCig just announced their STARTUP Supply Division reached $1.5M in sales during its first year of operations. Can you talk a bit about the company’s overall growth and what the future looks like for mCig? Again, mCig has multiple verticals. And the key thing is, right now, the vertical that it’s going to spend its […]
1:23 PM GMT+0000 / June 7, 2018