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Ethereum Sets Tentative January Goal for Next Blockchain Upgrade

Developers are eyeing January 16th as the date on which Constantinople, ethereum’s upcoming network hard fork, could launch. The upgrade for the world’s second-largest blockchain was originally targeted for November, bringing with it a host of design changes aimed at streamlining the platform’s code in a bid to boost performance. Yet the November launch window was […]

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Constantinople Ahead: What You Need to Know About Ethereum’s Big Upgrade

Constantinople, ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, is coming soon to a node near you. Finalized August 31, Constantinople includes five different ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs). Once released on ethereum, the proposals will permanently alter the blockchain with a host of new backwards-incompatible upgrades. This means that nodes — the network of computers that run ethereum software — […]

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A Phone Call Could Impact Ethereum’s Future – And It’s Happening Today

By Laura Desmond That’s a summary of the diverse set of ethereum stakeholders that will be in attendance at an upcoming developer call, according to Ethereum Foundation communication officer Hudson Jameson. Set to take place at 14:00 UTC Friday, the live-streamed meeting aims to address some of the platform’s most challenging questions ahead of its system-wide upgrade […]

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