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Helping Veterans Assimilate to Civilian Workforce

After serving on active duty, veterans often discover unforeseen challenges returning to the civilian workforce. Balancing the search for camaraderie and core mission values with career flexibility and ownership, the transition from military to civilian is one of the most stressful times in many veterans’ professional lives. General Electric has a long history of bridging […]

WWII Vetera is Still Serving in His Own Way

Higher Education Cautiously Begins to Train Cannabis Industry Leaders

By Burt Dixon College business programs are well positioned to prepare students for careers in cannabis but are hampered because marijuana remains federally illegal. It seems without a doubt, the cannabis industry will experience tremendous growth in the coming years, with one analyst estimating that legal marijuana sales in the US could reach $47 billion within the […]

7 Early-Stage Recruiting Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

Why Most Plans are Terrible. And How to Improve Them.

It’s Time to Get Comfortable with Uncertainty. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” was the advice of Benjamin Franklin and every sanctimonious boss that ever lived. Yet what happens when our very plans set us up for failure? We’ve all heard about the importance of planning. It’s an easy thing to preach, […]

Is a Single Global Blockchain Platform Already Coming Into the Picture? Here Are the Signs