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Discarded Tires a Recycling Problem for Hawaii County

Tires discarded by the residents of Hawaii on roads or dumped at transfer stations are gathering at a faster rate than that with which the Hawaii County administration can deal with the piles of tires.  These tires are meant purely for recycling. The tires are shipped off Hawaii after the Department of Environmental Management collects […]
6:01 PM GMT+0000 / October 26, 2018

Netherlands Bike Path Made From Recycled Plastic Waste

Dutch cyclists rode down the world’s first bike path made entirely of discarded plastic this week, in a move aimed at reducing the millions of tonnes wasted every year. The 30-metre (100-ft) cycling path in the 1,300-year-old northern town of Zwolle contains the equivalent of 500,000 plastic bottle caps and is estimated to be two […]
5:41 PM GMT+0000 / October 26, 2018

The Repercussions of Bad Recycling

Believe it or not, until recently the United States—and a handful of other countries—were shipping a large portion of their recycling off to China. As of January 1, though, China stopped accepting foreign trash, ushering in what some are calling “a new era of recycling.” China claimed that so much of the recycling they received […]
4:33 PM GMT+0000 / October 21, 2018

6 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Sustainability

Sustainability can be a hard concept for adults to grasp, let alone children. The talks I have with my two young children about our “green lifestyle” take time and patience, but they are worth the effort. Here are a few of the most effective strategies I’ve found for incorporating eco-friendly practices into our family routine. […]
7:08 PM GMT+0000 / October 19, 2018

DIY Recycled Milk Carton Lanterns for Halloween!

This is a great way to recycle those old milk cartons and decorate your front yard as the kids come knocking! What you need: Large plastic milk bottles Black Sharpie Glow sticks How to do it: Wash your bottles with warm, soapy water and remove any labels. Use a Sharpie to draw eyes and a […]
6:10 PM GMT+0000 / October 18, 2018

DIY|Recycle Your Clothing!

When it comes to garbage and handling it ecologically, clothes are one of those things that can feel difficult. When they are in good shape, it’s easy because there are plenty of charities with thrift stores that will happily pass them on. Or, they can be given to friends or family. But, the more problematic […]
8:47 PM GMT+0000 / October 16, 2018

The Short Guide to Recycling Metal Caps, Lids, and Tops

By Alex Mardikian It is important to recycle small items. Metal caps, lids, tops, and plastic caps are ubiquitous small items. They are recyclable.  Ensure that the caps of peanut butter bottles, sauce bottles, dry rub containers, etc. are attached to the plastic bottles.  Tetra-Pak boxes too have plastic caps. And the caps can be […]
3:41 PM GMT+0000 / October 14, 2018