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7 Deadly ICO Sins That Will Scare Away Your Investors

 By Laura Desmond ICO funds have poured in at record levels and in 2017 the overall market capitalization grew to over $US130 billion. It seems you can just add the words “blockchain, cryptocurrency, token” and investor dollars will hunt you down. Every day multiple new ICO launches promote their “ERC-20, industry first and get in […]
1:24 PM GMT+0000 / June 2, 2018

NFC and the Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Payments Practical Again

By Laura Desmond Development of Bitcoin‘s core protocol could alleviate many scalability issues facing Bitcoin. Advancements on the new Lightning Network could allow for fast, inexpensive, and convenient retail transactions.   History of the Lightning Network The Lightning Network is a layer on top of the blockchain that utilizes smart-contracts to execute transactions. Such a system enables payments […]
1:17 PM GMT+0000 / June 2, 2018