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Daily Routines that Help and Harm the Environment

Every day, we go through our daily routine and whether we realize it or not, our habits have an impact on the environment around us. Sometimes, it’s something more obvious, like choosing to throw a water bottle in the recycling bin rather than the trash can. Other times, it’s less obvious, like running your dishwasher […]
10:56 AM GMT+0000 / November 8, 2018

It Will Take More than Reusable Coffee Cups to Save the Oceans

Films such as A Plastic Ocean, and the huge success of Blue Planet II, have brought ocean plastic pollution firmly into the popular domain. Plastic has become ubiquitous through the world’s oceans, with fragments found in deep ocean trenches and the Arctic ice sheets. Furthermore, pictures of charismatic animals such as whales and turtles consuming […]
10:20 AM GMT+0000 / November 7, 2018

Oceans Are Warming Rapidly

The oceans have long been considered our planet’s heat sponge – a 2014 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that the oceans had absorbed 93% of the excess heat that greenhouse gases have trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere. However, a recent study shows that the world’s oceans have absorbed 60% more heat over the past […]
9:25 AM GMT+0000 / November 6, 2018

Ocean Clean Up: Profiting the World

A novel “floating pipe” to recover plastic from the ocean has just arrived on its maiden voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Run by Dutch start-up Ocean Cleanup, the scheme involves a 600m-long floating pipe connected to a net, which herds plastic into place before it is gathered and taken to shore by specialist boats. […]
7:58 PM GMT+0000 / November 5, 2018

How Bad are To-Go Containers for the Environment?

The anti-plastic revolution is in full swing: Bans on plastic straws and bags are taking effect around the world, and major companies are starting to switch over to plant-based plastics. But as more and more plastics continue to pop up on the market, there’s one big thing we all need to keep in mind: Not […]
6:06 PM GMT+0000 / November 4, 2018

DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Planters

Made from plastic bottles, these easy to assemble herb planters will form a self-watering garden in your home. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Marker Sturdy 1-liter plastic bottles with caps Utility knife Scissors Label remover or vegetable oil Potting soil Herb seedlings HOW: 1. For each planter, mark a line 5 inches from the bottle’s base. […]
5:50 PM GMT+0000 / November 4, 2018

DIY Odor Free Compost for Your Home

There are a lot of options out there for apartment dwellers who want to compost, and like most things it’s not as simple as one style fits all. It’s about finding what works best for you. Try something! And if it doesn’t work for you… try something else! This is an easy indoor compost option […]
2:14 PM GMT+0000 / November 3, 2018