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Mexican State Bank Announces Stricter Rules for Crypto Exchanges

All crypto exchanges and banks providing crypto services in Mexico will now be obliged to receive a permit from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), according to a September 10 circular published in the official daily of the Mexican government, the Diario Oficial de la Federacion. The letter called “General provisions on operations related to electronic payment funds” states that Banxico is responsible for […]
8:01 PM GMT+0000 / September 13, 2018

Breaking: Founder of Crypto Exchange OKEx Allegedly Detained on Crypto Fraud Charges in China

Star Xu, the founder of exchange services provider OKCoin and the world’s second-largest crypto exchange OKEx, has allegedly been detained in China in relation to suspected digital currency fraud, local news outlet Sina News reports September 11. According to the news outlet, Xu is currently being held in the Shanghai Weifang Xincun police station, and will be released within 24 […]
5:06 PM GMT+0000 / September 11, 2018

Bitcoin wallet Bitfi withdraws ‘unhackable’ claim

By Laura Desmond Bitfi, a cryptocurrency wallet backed by anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee, has issued a statement saying it will no longer describe its service as “unhackable”. The announcement followed the release of evidence by a group of security researchers showing the wallet being compromised. However, Mr McAfee maintains that the claim stands. Bitfi […]
9:22 AM GMT+0000 / September 1, 2018

‘No Sign of the Petro Here’: Mystery and Confusion Besets Venezuela’s Crypto ‘Revolution’

Reuters has today, August 30, published an investigative report into Venezuela’s national oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR), attempting to square government claims with facts on the ground and evidence of the Petro’s transaction history to date. Reuters dispatched reporters to the central Venezuelan hamlet of Atapirire, which sits at the heart of the 380-square-kilometer territory […]
5:07 PM GMT+0000 / August 31, 2018

The Beginner’s Guide Cryptocurrency Wallets – Types and Selection

By Alex Mardikian If you’ve made up your mind to take the plunge in the world of cryptocurrency, then you need a place to store that currency. It’s digital currency and it needs to reside somewhere. Bitcoin and altcoins reside in wallets. Of course, these are wallets only in name and not at all like […]
10:04 PM GMT+0000 / July 27, 2018

The Short Guide to Altcoin

By Alex Mardikian Altcoin is the shortened form of Bitcoin Alternative and is the collective term for other digital currencies other than Bitcoin. Each altcoin contributes to making the decentralized digital currency system more robust by trying to improve upon chosen aspects, such as speed of transactions, number of simultaneous transactions, distribution technology, hashing, mining […]
9:59 PM GMT+0000 / July 27, 2018

Basketball Team Sacramento Kings Mine Ethereum to Fund Tech Education Scholarships

By Laura Desmond The Sacramento Kings basketball team has teamed up with a crypto mining hardware firm to install mining machines in an indoor arena, with the crypto earnings funding a scholarship program, local news outlet The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday, June 28. The Kings have partnered with company MiningStore for the installation of Ethereum (ETH) mining machines in Sacramento’s Golden […]
10:36 PM GMT+0000 / June 29, 2018