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The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment draws ‘a line in the sand’

Signatories representing 290 organizations sign the Ellen MacArthur Foundation-led initiative to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source. A global commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source has been signed by 290 organizations, including many of the world’s largest packaging producers, brands, retailers, and recyclers, as well as governments and NGOs. The […]
5:16 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

Unclaimed Veteran Laid to Rest With Honor

Days before Veteran’s Day, a Marine Corps Sergeant will be laid to rest in Nashville. Sgt. Leo Stokely was unclaimed and has no known family, but his funeral is shaping up to be an event fit for a hero. Sgt. Stokely will be laid to rest Friday morning at 10 am. The Vietnam war veteran […]
4:07 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

WWII Veteran Turns 101 on Veterans Day!

 On Thursday, a Rossville, Georgia nursing home honored a World War II veteran with a special flag. Mr. Floyd Brown served in the National Guard, and will turn 101 on Veterans Day. He doesn’t hear as well as he once did, so we were not able to get his full story on the second World […]
3:57 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

What Veterans Day Means to Veterans in Vermont

On Sunday, 11/11, at 11:11 a.m., many around the state will have a ceremony to honor veterans here in Vermont and around the country. For example, a service is being held at the veterans cemetery across from Camp Johnson in Colchester which is open to the public. “We are going to have a ceremony and […]
3:55 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

The Life of a WWI Veteran in the ‘War Zone’

World War One was one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history, not just in terms of those killed but the unprecedented number of soldiers who were injured.By the end of the war, one million British troops had died and two million were left with a permanent disability. But those who returned to Ireland found […]
3:52 PM GMT+0000 / November 9, 2018

Daily Routines that Help and Harm the Environment

Every day, we go through our daily routine and whether we realize it or not, our habits have an impact on the environment around us. Sometimes, it’s something more obvious, like choosing to throw a water bottle in the recycling bin rather than the trash can. Other times, it’s less obvious, like running your dishwasher […]
10:56 AM GMT+0000 / November 8, 2018

The Number of Veterans in Congress is at an All Time Low

In 1971, nearly three-fourths of the members of Congress were military veterans. When the current session of Congress began in 2017, that figure was less than 19%. That might change after Tuesday’s midterms, especially in the House of Representatives. According to With Honor, a “cross-partisan” Super PAC devoted to increasing military representation in Congress, over […]
10:52 AM GMT+0000 / November 8, 2018