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DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Planters

Made from plastic bottles, these easy to assemble herb planters will form a self-watering garden in your home. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Marker Sturdy 1-liter plastic bottles with caps Utility knife Scissors Label remover or vegetable oil Potting soil Herb seedlings HOW: 1. For each planter, mark a line 5 inches from the bottle’s base. […]
5:50 PM GMT+0000 / November 4, 2018

DIY Odor Free Compost for Your Home

There are a lot of options out there for apartment dwellers who want to compost, and like most things it’s not as simple as one style fits all. It’s about finding what works best for you. Try something! And if it doesn’t work for you… try something else! This is an easy indoor compost option […]
2:14 PM GMT+0000 / November 3, 2018

DIY Recycled Milk Carton Lanterns for Halloween!

This is a great way to recycle those old milk cartons and decorate your front yard as the kids come knocking! What you need: Large plastic milk bottles Black Sharpie Glow sticks How to do it: Wash your bottles with warm, soapy water and remove any labels. Use a Sharpie to draw eyes and a […]
6:10 PM GMT+0000 / October 18, 2018

DIY|Recycle Your Clothing!

When it comes to garbage and handling it ecologically, clothes are one of those things that can feel difficult. When they are in good shape, it’s easy because there are plenty of charities with thrift stores that will happily pass them on. Or, they can be given to friends or family. But, the more problematic […]
8:47 PM GMT+0000 / October 16, 2018

Living Green Without Spending All Your Money

These days, it seems like everything has a “healthy, green, environmentally friendly” alternative—with an additional cost. But there’s no reason to hand over all of your money in the name of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are nine surprisingly simple and (relatively) affordable tips for creating more sustainable habits. 1. Play into the collagen craze. […]
4:21 PM GMT+0000 / October 14, 2018

DIY Sunscreen! What You Need to Know!

As we continue to learn more about the potentially damaging ingredients in chemical sunscreens (namely oxybenzone, which has been shown to mimic hormones in the body, and retinyl palmitate, a skin irritant), it can be tempting to throw in the proverbial beach towel and make your own sunscreen with ingredients you know to be safe. […]
4:47 PM GMT+0000 / October 13, 2018

DIY Compost Box for Your Apartment!

Not all of us live in fabulous solar-powered eco-dwellings. Many of us live in cruddy, old apartments and have mean landlords who look like they tie women to railroad tracks in silent movies. It can be hard to be a green renter. One of the common misconceptions about renting is that an apartment dweller is […]
2:28 PM GMT+0000 / October 8, 2018