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Samsung to Manufacture ASIC Chips for Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm

Squire, a Canada-based crypto mining firm, which raised $19.5 million in August to develop sophisticated mining equipment, has signed a deal with South Korea’s largest conglomerate Samsung to manufacture ASIC chips. The company has partnered with Gaonchips and Samsung Electronics to design and manufacturer new ASIC mining chips, which could allow the company to compete against Bitmain, […]
3:17 PM GMT+0000 / September 26, 2018

SEC’s Chief Accountant: Firms With Digital Assets Still Need to Keep Their Books in Order

Wesley Bricker, chief accountant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has said that the advent of digital assets and blockchain technology does not change the “fundamental responsibility” of firms when it comes to their financial reporting activities. Bricker’s remarks were made as part of a speech delivered before the AICPA National Conference on Banks & Saving Institutions in Washington, […]
11:12 AM GMT+0000 / September 19, 2018

Has crypto-currency peaked?

If you believe crypto-currencies are the future this has not been a good week. The value of Ethereum, Bitcoin’s main rival and “the future of crypto” not so long ago, has lurched ever lower and is now 80% below its peak. Meanwhile, US regulators have acted against companies involved in crypto-currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) – […]
6:57 PM GMT+0000 / September 14, 2018

Millions of Dollars Are Being Sent to a Ponzi Like Ethereum Smart Contract Game That Might Never End

  By Laura Desmond Revolutionizing finance, industry, entertainment, games, is one thing, but revolutionizing ponzi schemes? Kids! With their silly memes and flashy graphics, they are attracting some 25,000 transactions in a day, amounting to 15,000 eth ($8 million) changing hands yesterday. Far more “transactions” however have been made in speculations. Will millions of eth […]
1:39 PM GMT+0000 / July 22, 2018

Crypto Exchange Binance is Backing the World’s First Decentralized Bank in Malta

The hype surrounding the little island of Malta where the crypto space is concerned continues to take new turns with the announcement of a token-based bank now on the horizon. One of the main stumbling blocks for the so-called ‘Blockchain Island has been the difficulties encountered by blockchain and crypto companies to gain access to bank accounts. […]
10:20 PM GMT+0000 / July 12, 2018

In Praise of HODL

By Laura Desmond Part 1. Heeding the Call The origins of the word HODL — a cornerstone of a Bitcoin investor’s vocabulary — came from a resolution voiced on a forum in 2013. It was the verbalization of a man (possibly half-inebriated) of a newfound creed. He admitted that he had been tempted by those around him to trade his way to riches; […]
9:01 PM GMT+0000 / July 11, 2018

TRON’s ‘Independence Day’: Tenth Largest Crypto’s Mainnet Activated

The tenth largest cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) with a market capitalization of $2.7 billion has activated its mainnet following a migration to its independent public blockchain, according to a blog post published June 25. Styled “Independence Day” by the TRON Foundation, June 25 is marked as the move to TRON’s mainnet, the beta version of which was launched on May 31 […]
2:00 PM GMT+0000 / June 27, 2018