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The HoverSurf Scorpion from Russia –Confirming the Hoverbike is no longer a fantasy.

The Hoversurf is intended to set the tone for more sophisticated hoverbikes that will be safer.

Fossils Found Off Quebec Coast May Be the Oldest in the World

The thing that bothers me most about these structures is the fact that they all seem to be extremely oriented

Fashion has gotten Safer?? as Saint Unveils World’s STRONGEST Denim!!

The yarn created from the fiber is used in making ballistic vests, helmets, and other equipment that is expected to withstand extensive rigor.

Space travel for Tourists; a $250,000 ticket to space.

Virgin Galactic, which focuses on commercial human spaceflight and The Spaceship Company, which is responsible for manufacturing the spaceships for commercial spaceflight.

The Origins of the Pantone Color System

Color System that Eventually Became Pantone was based on a birds.

Natural Alternative to Prescription Painkillers – Transdermal Cannabis Patch

Pain relief patch is another very interesting medical application to be derived from the cannabis plant.

Concept BMW K75 Alpha Motorcycle by Erdem Now a Reality

Creation of the futuristic BMW Alpha K75 Alpha Concept motorbike is moving to production.

Watch out X-Games, the World Nomad Games is so different from anything else.

There is nothing like this Olympics for Nomads in Central Asia, more extreme than the x-games located in Cholpon-ata, Kyrgyzstan

Stem Cells Are Poised to Change Health and Medicine Forever

Regenerative medicine of companies like American Cryostem are changing health and medicine as we know it.

Stem, Stem and STEM

It is the science of STEM that CRYO (American Cryostem) is advancing upon.